Pledges, Donations, Memorials & Volunteering

Friends of Kelvindale Railway Station is a not for profit organisation which relies on donor funding and pledges. 




There are many ways you can contribute to the success of Kelvindale's projects: 

  • You can donate your time!  There are many volunteering opportunities at the Station.  The grounds need to be tended, planted up and lots and lots of pruning done.  The adjacent Canal Bank requires some landscaping too.  There is also structural work needing done to the Station grounds.  Currently there are no buildings on the grounds, other than the rain shelter.  We are looking for a donation of two shipping containers to convert into a catering kiosk and a shop unit, and once these are in place we will need to fit them out and connect them to the mains.  The cafe kiosk will need staffed, and so those keen on catering will be a great help!  And then we will need some people who want to make art, and beautify the surroundings. 
  • You can make a monetary donation, either in the form of a one off payment, or as a recurring donation. We have a Just Giving page:
  • You can sponsor specific art exhibits.  So if you are particularly excited about the idea of a sculptural piece commissioned for an exhibition you can contribute to it.  If the piece if going to form part of the Station's permanent collection, then a plaque will be mounted stating that you donated a sum to help secure the piece.  If it is a temporary exhibit, then you may even receive the piece at the end of the Exhibition.  Sometimes we will auction the artwork following the Exhibition. 
  • The Station requires some permanent bench seating and picnic tables.  These will be positioned in a very beautiful spot overlooking the Forth and Clyde Canal.  If you are a local company looking to advertise your services, or if you want to honour a family member, you may want to establish a memorial to them by providing the funds to have a seating area erected. 

If you think any of these would be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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